The Halifax Women’s History Society (HWHS) researches and makes known the untold story of the remarkable contributions that women have made to the history of Halifax.

Set up in 2013, HWHS aims to bring women’s history to the public through a monument, conferences, lectures and broadcasts, performances and written material.

“A Woman on the Waterfront” is the Society’s first project. WOW’s goal is to have a monument, The Volunteers/Les Bénévoles, on the Halifax waterfront to honour the work of the thousands of women, who volunteered their time and labour during wartime.

Photo: The Nova Scotia Archives, E.A. Bollinger, 1942

Read about women volunteers in Halifax during World War II.
Photo courtesy of the Nova Scotia Archives

See historical research, including some published by our committee members.
Photo courtesy of the Nova Scotia Archives

Learn more about the monument, the Society’s first project.
Photo by Bruce Bottomley

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